Monday, March 29, 2010

What I did for love

We are each
the love of someone's life;
it is the form
that love can take
which sometimes proves

God only knows,
why, having loved me as i am
you'd even think
of dressing me
to look like someone else,
or think of altering my style
to reflect the person
you've been longing to become.

And yet, you are
the love of MY one life,
and so I bear the mockery
for the sake of your sweet smile.

I wrote this poem for Carry on Tuesday #46. Carry on Tuesday provides a writing prompt each week to be used, wholly or partly, in original prose or poetry. The prompt for March 30 — We are each the love of someone's life. — is from the opening of The Confessions of Max Tivoli (2004) by Andrew Sean Greer.

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sg beatty said...

I love how you went to the dog world with this one. They do still love us no matter how much we make them look silly. However this dog does not look may have gone to far...Old Grizz
cute post

Maureen said...

I think it may not be so much the outfit as the rain that has this poor dog looking so sad. Wonder what's in the thought bubble, apart from your words.

Stan Ski said...

"Well fed, regular exercise, what's your problem?" - dog to photographer.

Anonymous said...

This is freaking hilarious.
I'm not a dog person...but this is just sooo endearing.

Melissa said...

Well, it goes both ways, am sure. Love induces us to perform all kinds of tricks. I especially loved the line: God only knows,
why, having loved me as i am

Janet said...

great one! funny and poignant both.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha! Thanx for the laugh, and being braver than I could be..I originally thought of my dog and decided I didn't need the tears. I'm glad to see someone could put that love into words and make for a good giggle.

Carry On Tuesday said...

Hi - I've had to move Carry On Tuesday to a new address. Hope to see you there. Keith