Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twinkling stars

Mama, could you Twinkle now?
She'd ask me every night
when just a little thing, a joy,
who filled my heart with song.
Mom, I need a Twinkle,
then she'd ask as she grew older.
And then, requests grew rarer still,
as off away to camp and school
she went, carrying her bear
(I could hear her sing that song to him
when she thought he might be scared.)
And now she sleeps under the stars,
exploring near and far,
while her bear lies on my windowsill,
his pockmarked button eyes
glued to the galaxies
that drift above them both,
and when I worry, I hear him whisper,
"Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."
A song is but a little thing,
And yet what joy it is to sing!

* * *

I wrote this poem in response to Carry on Tuesday's prompt for March 23, which was to use the opening lines of "The Poet and His Song", by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Links to contributions from other Carry on Tuesday poets are here.

* * *


Stan Ski said...

Time now for her own star to shine.

sg beatty said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful writing and the way you captured the love in a song is breath taking

Maureen said...

This is so wonderful, Diane!

A song is but a little thing but mother's love is not contained

Rob said...

I must tell you this was so moving -- I have tears in my eyes. I lost my son when he was a youth, and this piece just hit me in the gut. Exceptionally tender and well written Diane...
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Carina said...

A beautiful piece of poetry. Dunbar couldn't have said it better himself!