Monday, March 15, 2010

A taste of fear

A crow pecked on my window last night.
Though it was just a dream,
when I saw him again today,
just briefly,
hovering in all his blacks
just beyond reach,
I got all panicky.
how quickly
our hard-won serenity
can disappear
when the thrust of reality
finds echoes in a dream
that haunts you still.

And now,
now the shadows are mostly dissipated,
I give thanks
for the bright colors that remain
and shudder, quietly, inwardly
at the dark brush of his wings.

* * *



Your poetry is so beautiful. I'm never disappointed when I take a moment and visit this site!


Diane said...

thanks so much for your kind words. So few people visit here, and the work seems so inconsistent (to me, anyway) that I was toying again this morning with just abandoning this blog. But you -- and the two other folks who surprised me this morning with kind words -- have encouraged me to keep plugging forward. Thank you!

Maureen said...

No, don't abandon this, Diane! I come here every day (though I don't always leave a note) to read what you offer. It's like a fix.

I've been twittering your posts, as have others, too. I included you in my "Wednesday Writers" today. More will come. We just need to get you a little more notice.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!