Saturday, September 8, 2012

The lost dimension

Though land divides
the sea from sky,
and reflections give
illusions of great depth,
there are only two dimensions
here displayed:
the viewer has no sense
of the water that lies beyond,
between the houses and the mountains;
or even that the water here
flows around and through
and back beyond the other side
with each and every tide;
no sense that I could walk to you
from where I stand.

Divisions -- yours and mine -- appear to work
in almost that same way:
I take my stand, and you take yours,
each displaying massive depth of thought
in our reflections,
forgetting -- in the heat of argument --
all the ways that we are linked;
let slip the ancient memory,
the depth of the connection
that flowed across the water
before time began, that carries still
from you to me and back again to you,
and then again, around, beyond, behind us both
along a plane which disagreement makes

And so I ask you this:
what chance have we
of restoring that third dimension;
of finding again
that source that connects us both?

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