Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sonnet #50: End of an era

This picture, this photo that I did not create,
captures a moment, a highlight in my life:
a play I wrote -- what fun, to generate
set, characters, laughs and lines ( all joy, no strife) --

won an award! The audience's favorite!
-- for that night, anyway; the judges did not agree --
but just to have it happen; what a treat!
(even though I know I only won by three

votes -- I'm grateful my family could attend,
as without those three it would have been a tie!)
But I digress, and stray from my intent,
which is to admit graciously, with a sigh,

that sonnets just don't thrill me anymore,
so I'm stopping at 50.  There will be no encore.

The end.