Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A time to wait and wonder

There comes a time in every life
when all we're called to do
is wait and wonder;
when moving from this spot
may mean missed opportunity
but staying doesn't seem
to have a purpose; when life's
on hold, and hope and joy
are tethered nearby, ready to burst,
awaiting sweet release.
I'm standing here,
clinging to your promises,
keeping a wary eye on the time
and wondering when you'll appear.

* * *


HisFireFly said...

What a picture of an "advent" heart!

Wise and wonderful words today..

drw@bainbridge.net said...

I am embarrassed to confess -- I can't believe I could have been so clueless -- it never even occurred to me, though our Advent exhibit opened yesterday, that this was a classic Advent poem.

More proof, I suspect, that these poems are probably more written through me than by me. Although -- if that were REALLY true, you'd expect the quality to be a little better!

Maureen said...

Agree with HisFireFly.