Saturday, November 6, 2010

The house within a house

Some of us are lucky enough
to have a house within a house;
a home within ourselves
that replicates and shelters
all the small lost parts of ourselves
that need to rest, or dream
or weep in privacy.
And then there are the ones
whose lost selves sleep
beside abandoned fences,
in parking lots,
or on benches;
huddled under rags
against the cold,
their precious few belongings stored
in plastic bags
that lean against the cars.

* * *


Joanne said...

Maureen sent me. Love the contrast. Some of us have houses, but that's not necessarily the higher calling for shelter, although it's more comfortable. said...

Welcome, Joanne -- thanks for dropping by.

And yes, shelter can take many forms, both internal and external...