Monday, October 26, 2009

The light within

Within my fortress
I stand proud,
believing that I lift my lamp
beside that golden door.
But stepping back, I see
that that which lies within,
all that I always saw as "me,"
is really fed
by some celestial river,
and I am not
some proud and lonely goddess
but a mermaid,
and connected to the sea which feeds me.

My lamp
-- that light within me --
will only remain illuminated
if I allow myself
to be continually ignited
by that deep connection,
which enlightens all that I am and all I do.

* * *


Maureen said...

I just came back to look at this very textural image again. Am I crazy, or do I see a seated figure with arms upraised? said...

You're not crazy at all! But I used to only see the upper part of the figure, so I always thought of it as the statue of liberty (hence "I lift my lamp beside the golden door"). and then yesterday I saw what you would probably call her legs, and decided instead it was a mermaid's tail, and she was resting on a wave.