Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meditation is like a walk on the beach...

I walked the beach today,
after I got home:
the dog is being groomed,
so I could take my time
without him tugging on the leash;
could walk right by the water
(which he hates)...

And as I strolled there,
looking for the blues,
I realized
that this feeling that I have --
that if I find a piece of blue glass,
God is with me --
is not unlike what happens in meditation.

A sit is like the beach:
you show up, day after day,
hoping for
that one brief moment of glory.
Sometimes you find one --
most times you don’t:
those blue ones,
the God moments,
are rare:

That’s what makes them special;
it’s part of why I keep showing up --
that and the undeniable fact
that it’s good exercise!

* * *

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