Thursday, April 2, 2009


As the days grow longer
and winter deepens into spring;
as the daffodils sparkle
along the edges of the forest road
and birdsongs brighten up the mornings,
I wish you a host of blessings,
floating down upon you like yesterday's snowflakes
or tomorrow's cherry blossoms;
like the multitude of angels
that descended from the heavens
to celebrate that first amazing birth
which is being reborn in each of us;
that wellspring of hope and wholeness
that surges to life with the first scent of lilac:
Soon, they sing, soon it will come --
Rebirth, and resurrection --
whether sliding in to caress your beach
without disturbing a stone or shell,
or plowing through everything you know,
a tsunami of love --
Easter's on its way.

* * *

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