Saturday, April 18, 2009

Haiku blessings

My good friend Chris brought her family to visit us this weekend, and it turns out her brother Dana -- whom I haven't seen for over 20 years -- loves to write haiku. So with permission from Dana Wilson, and in honor of his daughter who just went home from the hospital today after cancer surgery, I hereby post all the Haiku he wrote while visiting with us this afternoon. I have promised to provide a photo for each; I invite you to offer up prayers for his daughter's healing in response.

I see you again
My eyes are now awakened
Divine images

I pray all day long
but God never answers me.
Shut up! and listen

A walk through the dunes:
Weathered memories of walks past --
a road less traveled.

Student or master?
The roles will switch back and forth.
Open to learning?

If I point out spots,
I show you my human-ness.
Will you still like me?

Unexpected dogs
Like unforeseen pregnancies...
Holy shit! What now?

Family and good friends:
This is the church that feeds me.
God dwells within love.

Catching fireflies
Floating -- Flying -- Dreaming BIG!!
Cancer can't beat me.

On Bainbridge Island
Cancer seems so far away.
Thanks for this present.

* * *

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