Sunday, August 23, 2020

When, o when...

when will it stop? 
At what point do we break down and confess 
that we can no longer bear to watch the news; 
Don't want to hear the latest thing, 
don't want to know what someone said 
or how upset another is 
to learn the latest dis-information. 
True or false? these days they're both alike: 
what’s true to you may well be lies, 
and so might what I'm told and i believe, 
and so i hibernate; sit in my chair, 
play on my phone, and watch my Roomba 
spinning pointlessly across the floor. 
we're giving what we can, 
spending where we hope it helps, 
and wondering what difference 
any of it makes in times like these 
while penning daily words of hope 
to help other lost souls keep on believing...

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