Monday, January 6, 2014

Sonnet #9: Art good for the soul

These pretty flights of fancy make us smile:
knotted balloons, or crochet-blanketed trees.
For this we'll drive a hundred extra miles
to see the art that brightens communities --

The wood carvings in Hope, British Columbia;
the moose sculptures in Burlington, Vermont;
the pottery faces we found in Italy's Umbria --
we read, mark and digest as is our wont

and notice that the neighborhoods which thrive
are those that value things like art, and laughter --
traits hard to find, that make us come alive,
set us apart, and warm our hearts hereafter.

Investing in art may never make us wealthy,
but there's a really good chance it keeps us healthy.

1 comment:

sckeppy said...

Yes, there is something life-giving about art and color, and whimsy-- it all makes one glad to be alive, doesn't it?

The need for celebration of all sorts is bone-deep in us.