Sunday, May 13, 2012

The ideal puppy

Walking the perpetual garage sale
that is our beach,
I chose to leave our dog behind
(the Canada Geese are back,
and he loves to roll in their leavings)
but something must have thought
I shouldn't have to
walk the beach alone
because I found
this charming puppy
barking at my feet,
its floppy ears spinning
at the thought that I might rub him,

or, even better,
pick him up,
 and give him a hug.

And so -- what can I say? --
I lifted him into my arms
and carried him home.
He's really such a pleasure --
no vet visits,
no daily inoculations with insulin required,
no nightly eyedrops,
no fur to trim or brush,
no unseemly barking at the UPS man...
the ideal puppy.

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