Sunday, April 15, 2012

Signs and wonders

For those who like to say
the world is made
of two kinds of people,
I would propose
a new division --
those who are superstitious,
and those who choose to ignore
the signs and wonders that abound
(and can you tell
by the way I put this
which side of this divide
I occupy?)

For why else --
at a time when, unbeknownst to me
(so far had I fallen)
I was longing for a lift of spirits --
would such an image
catch my thirsty eye,
demand I notice, grab my camera,
and then, acting on the information,
head up the stairs
(however much I need a lift,
I prefer to rise on my own steam);
finding (to my great joy) a friend,
thereby renewing that sense of connection
that restores my sense of unity
with mankind,
that sense which, when lost,
leaves each of us
aliens in a universe
not of our own choosing.

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