Saturday, February 10, 2018

The eternal conundrum

There it is again, the eternal conundrum:
when to stay, and when to go;
when to stick with the plan,
and when to abandon ship;
when to put up with all the pieces
that aren't falling into place,
and when to walk away and trust
some other puzzle waits around the corner.

When do we keep putting pencil to paper,
brush to canvas,
feet into toe shoes,
and when do we take a break,
a vacation from the endless cavalcade of failure?
When do we keep railing at
and fighting injustice,
and when do we stop and trust
that all of this is a necessary correction;
that things have to get this bad before
folks are motivated to change?

How long do we keep holding our breath,
anticipating change,
and when do we let it go and sink;
let the waves of doubt wash over us
and drive us to the depths of disillusion?
At what point do we finally
give up and cut our losses?

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