Monday, May 5, 2014

Sonnet #38: Push Through the Rock

Something there is, in even the hardest of hearts,
that seeks to grow; that pushes through the rock,
finds room to root and branch, to thrust apart
the granite walls we build, and to unlock

the doors we shut so long ago, attempting
to shield and guard what’s already been stolen,
but though innocence was lost, hearts never empty
but fill again, as rivers do when swollen

with the rushing melt of winter. When spring's sun
honors its ancient promise to return,
its heat awakens hope where there was none;
makes seeds to bud and longing souls to yearn

again for something they thought lost forever;
a love so strong its force great stones must sever.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Thank you!

A vivid portrait, of the nature of the heart, and relentless hope!
May I remember, to conjure in concrete's cracks, your observation.

Diane: Two curiosities (Please indulge my probing--this is me learning):

1. "stolen, but though..." Why a comma rather than a period?
2. "hearts never empty but fill again..." Perhaps "but to fill again"?

You always get my mind thinking about things it wants to think about...

I'm excited to read more! You truly inspire.