Friday, May 2, 2014

Sonnet #36: Non-verbal communication

The What-Not Shop in Cerrillos sells antiques,
Indian crafts, and guns, and also rocks,
but woe to any tourist who dares peek
through windows, or perhaps rattle the locks.

A cactus plant now grows on the only stairs,
the ramp to the front porch is blocked with wood,
and a battered sign out back just says "Beware!"
(of dogs? of tumbleweed? surely nothing good.)

We stop to look and wonder, then drive on by: 
it's clear that we're not wanted in this place
appearances the inviting words belie:
there's no welcome to be found within this space.

The non-verbal communication here's quite clear:
don't look, don't touch, don't even dare come near.

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