Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Was and ever shall be

When last I visited,
This ancient homestead
Was still intact,
Though ferns grew on its roof
And hung down over windows
Whose panes of glass reflected
The overgrown orchard
In the adjoining field.
But the years have not been kind,
And the roof is caving in.
Her bones are still good,
But her cheeks are sunken,
The skin of her walls spotted.
The glass in her windows is broken now,
Her floor now deep in earth and rabbit dung,
But as she returns to the earth from whence she rose,
The light’s begun to shine through her;
As if to say the barriers are growing thin
Between what was and is to be,
Between earth and sky,
And soon all will be One again.
As it was, so it shall be.

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