Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Prayer for Egypt

O Holy One,
we lay before you now
the deepest desires and concerns of our hearts,
our profound and benevolent aspirations
for ourselves and those we love,
for our communities,
for the many worlds in which we live and move;
for this fragile earth,
and for all who call it home.
Help us to deliver our debilitating worries
into your hands,
trusting in your divine providence and compassion.
And help us to know
that for every concern we carry
there are hundreds and thousands more
who carry these same concerns
for loved ones of their own.

Help us to sense that common bond of care.
Help us to trust that bond, and to trust in You.
And grant, we pray, that in entrusting all our cares to you
we may broaden our own compassion for all of creation.

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