Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tunnel vision

I hate it,
when my peripheral vision is cut off;
when all I can see
is the tunnel ahead,
not even the light at the end;
when someone else dares to stop me
from doing things
I know I shouldn't do
even though I understand
it's probably best for me.

At times like this
the world gets very small
and everything is me, me, me;
I can't escape
this constant awareness
of my own inherent flaws.
Truth be told --
this seasonal itch
is a bitch.

* * *


Louise Gallagher said...

OK -- this is good.

This seasonal itch
is a bitch.

tee hee!!!

Maureen said...

This made me laugh. That sweet melting-eyes look I know so well, asking for the cone to be removed.

I'll share this with my husband.