Saturday, January 9, 2010

What to prune?

The problem is,
it's not all black and white --
these choices we make,
what to keep,
what to throw away,
and where to put what's left
when all that work's been done.

There's clutter everywhere,
and lots of gray,
and much as I would like to sit
protected from the rain of "stuff"
and wait for some Divine bus
to take me somewhere else
that's tidy and clean,
the fact is: this is where I live
and this is where I am right now,
smack in the middle of disorder and confusion.
and so I have to ask myself:
Hmm. What to prune?
What to prune?

* * *

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Maureen said...

Think about posting this on the Spirituality and Practice site for the Practice Circle. It's perfect for what the course has covered so far.