Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Traversing the space between

I thought I'd climbed so high:
having gathered all my tools and rope,
I came close to the peak
only to see that the real journey
is across, not up,
and so I'm stepping into
the space between,
measuring the distance
between this thought
and the next,
traversing the beyond
and trying not to look
up, down, or sideways;
trying to ignore
the storm that hovers in the distance;
trusting that you wait on the other side.

* * *


KimQuiltz said...

This one is especially touching to me today. Thank you!

Maureen said...

I really like this. It responds to my choice of word for the year: Reach.

(We're switching Internet providers tomorrow, so I'm going to be offline for a while and trying some collage.)