Monday, July 27, 2009

Warning: Excremental Language Ahead!

I'd always heard that Kierkegaard
extolled the "leap of faith,"
and saw it as the choice we make
to believe in things we cannot see
or touch or feel, or smell or taste.
But now I read it's a leap TO faith --
a decision to dive in,
to believe despite the paradoxes
so obvious to us all --
I mean, hello, religion's FULL
of contradictions and confusion --

And so, if this is Kierkegaard
who's climbed to the top of all the ways
we've found to dispose
of what we cannot understand
or tolerate of life, of God, or within ourselves,
perhaps he's really not preparing
to dive back into the stream of things
but simply embracing all that is;
triumphant to have risen above that shit!

* * *

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