Thursday, July 30, 2009

Listening for what lies within

I remember, as a child,
thinking adults knew it all,
that someone had the answers,
and that there was a God
up somewhere in the sky above the clouds
who watched my every move
and intervened on my behalf
when things went bad or wrong.

And though I still believe there is a God,
I now can see adults don't know it all,
or sometimes even a part;
that no one has the answers, especially not me;
that the Great One in the sky
is probably all in -- or on -- my head
(for all the times I promoted that interpretation
I apologize)
and now I know the only hope is to listen
for that still small voice of wisdom
that comes from within.
Listen: can you hear it now?

* * *


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I AM ROSE said...

God is truly with-in.
If only we sit still in silence long enough to feel and embrace the Love that is already with-in.
Beautiful post.
In Love.