Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rebaptizing your faults

I don't care if it's Mothers' Day:
some days
you just wanna throw out the baby --
with the bath water, doncha know --
especially when she's one of those inner voices --
you know them,
the really annoying ones,
the ones that whine when things don't go their way,
the scaredy cats,
the snooty little mean ones...

But try this:
instead of throwing out the baby --
and the water--
how about a little re-baptism,
a little acknowledgement
of all the good, challenging work
those kids have brought you over the years?
Even if you prefer to imagine
filling up a water balloon
and tossing it at them --
just be sure to give them an extra hug when you're all done.

* * *

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