Sunday, May 31, 2009

Divine Artistry

O Divine Artist,
whose brush creates for us
this perfect blush of burgundy,
these shades of green;
inscribing a delicate calligraphy
of light and shadow,
balanced each to each
as if to say,
Even a shadow can be beautiful;
even a tiny patch of sunlight
can reveal a moment of pure joy...

Let your divine artistry echo in us,
that what we paint or draw,
sing, play or dance --
with pigment, voice, or instrument;
through body, pen or camera --
that each uniquely rendered song of dark and light,
of shadow, shade and flame,
may allow some fortunate observer
to see the spark of divinity that ignites us all.

* * *


Abbey of the Arts said...

beautiful photo! I love the image of "calligraphy of light and shadow"-- it has such an intentionality to it. This is really a beautiful blessing and invocation of divine creativity. said...

Thank you!