Thursday, January 8, 2009

Body takes the spotlight

Well isn’t that just like life.
Absolutely beautiful,
filled with light and shadow,
rich colors,
obvious paths to follow
and there,
smack dab in the middle…
Is that a pair of panties?

Couldn’t they have hung –
just for me, of course –
a ruffled apron,
a baby’s t-shirt,
a stuffed bunny:

suspended by a pink clothespin
from a long gray ear?

What is it about the body
and its relentless needs –
to breathe,
to eat,
to process and eliminate –
that always has to take center stage?

Today I am that shadow on the right,
the hook that should be closed.
I’m open,
just a trick of the light,
ready to fall.

How about you?

* * *

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