Saturday, January 10, 2009


Were you even listening to me?
I said these three Wise Guys showed up;
I never said they had good taste.

Apparently Herod sued the pants off of them,
or maybe they lost em playing strip poker?
You know how wisdom is:
just because you're clever at following some star
doesn't necessarily follow that you've got a good poker face.

Whaddya mean paparazzi?
No, not like a movie star,
You know, like Betelgeuse.
No, not the movie.
In the SKY.
They're like astrologers or something.
Okay, astronomers. Whatever.


No, I'm not swearing;
That's what his father told me to name him.
What, you're still holding that against me?

Look, your turn will come.
And tell those wise guys to go home by another way.
I don't want Herod to fleece them again.
And speaking of fleece,
Could you tell those shepherds to get outta here
and take the sheep with them?
What kinda place is this to have a kid anyway?

Oh well, what the hay.
His father did say this:
He picked me because he wanted the kid to grow up in a stable environment...

* * *

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