Monday, July 7, 2014

Sonnet #45: What we can't see

A mirror, flat, reflective, never lies --
except, of course, each image is reversed.
But life's reflections (unlike water's, of skies)
are rarely flat; more twisted and diverse.

Curved surfaces, both convex and concave,
organic, elemental and ubiquitous,
exaggerate, stretch, mask, and misbehave,
seeming both crisp and accurate while deluding us.

Each path we take has its own bends, and coils
around back on itself from time to time. 
Those twists and turns each have their counterfoils,
which then help build each personal paradigm.

We can't assume that what we see is right:
each human's bent, and that distorts our sight.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

I love this image and the way you talk about it. The colours and twists and turns and the faraway landscape remind me of our life's journey which also 'misbehaves' quite regularly!