Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sonnet #3: Nothing like the East

The weather here is nothing like the East:
We're fogged and damp when they face snow and cold,
we're cool and sunny while they melt in heat
and so it's clear: this is where we'll grow old.

It's not that climate change does not affect us --
we're dryer this year than we've ever been;
we wonder if new viruses will infect us,
and anticipate higher tides with much chagrin.

But overall the absence of tornadoes
and hurricanes outweighs the threat of quakes,
our growing season's long -- great for tomatoes!
And there are no thunderstorms, no lightning breaks.

I write this, not to brag, but to explain:
Like Wolfe, we'll not be coming home again.

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