Saturday, August 4, 2012

Made in the image

Why --
when the dog barks
and I look out my window
to see what set him off
and spot instead
the moon,
lifting her golden bucket
and pouring streaks of light
across the lagoon --
why do I not step outside
to sit on my bench
and drink that liquid joy?

Why reach for a camera,
when I know it can't begin
to capture the color
that sings through all that light;
can't begin to capture the wonder of that first sighting?
Or is it enough
to grab a glimpse,
a frail and faulty image,
so that seeing we might imagine
the truth that lies behind --
much as we,
seeing other beings
made in the image of God,
can begin to imagine
the Truth that lies behind...


Alice Marie said...

"The moon, lifting her golden bucket" is exquisite. I am so glad I stumbled upon your slideshow on YouTube. Your photos and poems – and the Spirit infusing them - are treasures.

Diane Walker said...

Thanks so much for your kind remarks; I'm glad you found me!