Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hearts preserve us

I've been thinking
for some time now
that the secret
to a good meditation session
was to feel it in my heart  --
which means, when the cat insisted
on sitting on my chest,
I felt particularly connected
to the Universe...

Today, however,
the cat was sleeping on my blanket
and I hated to disturb him;
I took it as a good sign
that I could feel his heart
beating next to mine,
even from several feet away.

But then today's meditation
(this is a first, because it was the middle of the day)
was frequently interrupted
with text messages from my daughters
(both have had concerns
these last few days)
and I found that little noise
my phone makes when they write
is every bit as connected to my heart
as the purring cat.

It is as if we're all in the same boat,
and the heart lies, coiled and waiting,
ready to reach out to each
with the promise of love and safety;
as if that heart connection
preserves us all...

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