Monday, October 10, 2011

Color will return

There will, of course, be days
when shame and self-disgust,
rooted in that sense of emptiness,
stretch their gray tentacles
upward, like a cancer,
leaching the color
from all that thrives and flourishes,
green and true;
that reaches for the sky
and touches into possibility.
Breathe deep, and remember --
the light will shift,
and color will return.

1 comment:

Katarina said...

Your words awakens memories of a time when my life where ruled by shame and self-disgust...but then after many years of therapy, I took a deep breath and decided that light was what I wanted to focus on, light and color that is, and now only a few years later, I am flourishing as a woman as well as an artist. Your words paint a picture of hope that rings so true to me that it brought tears in my eyes. Thank you.