Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I see a circle
in an old plywood deck.
Yes! I think,
and pull out my camera –
surely this will lead
to something good.
… and it does,
for me, at least,
and then I’m proud:
see what I have learned;
see what I can find of beauty
that others might pass by.

What is the point
Of this pride?
Where does it come from,
And where could it possibly go?
What is it in me,
(in us, dare I hope –
surely I am not alone
in this conceit?)
that so longs for the thrill
of accomplishment,
and recognition?


Anonymous said...

On a whim, I stole time from my too-busy schedule to check your blog today. Now I grin with the thrill of accomplishment and recognition for having done so! Thanks, Diane. This precious poem-photo duet has re-centered my day around a higher schedule.
Gloria K

Diane Walker said...

Hey Gloria! Wonderful to hear from you! It's so funny -- I was just thinking of you yesterday; wondering how you were...