Friday, January 7, 2011

A paean to the light

It's spring;
the trees are dancing a paean to the light,
dressed in bright green sequins
and sparkling for all to see.
But still,
the washing must be done,
brights separated from the dark,
the tedious task
of hanging all those old familiar
foibles out to dry,
(just as the lighter clothes we wear
expose the excesses of winter).

At least now
her fingers are warm
the window can be left open
the cool breeze
with its scent of soapy wonder
can flow through,
airing out the dark corners within...

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Your image reminds me of a wonderful artist I met on a recent open studio tour; she creates fabulous collage landscapes entirely of paper she gets from all over the world. She's done a number of clothesline pieces that are great. (I introduced her to a gallery owner in Middleburg who's giving her a show this year.) I told her the clothesline works stand out because in our area no one hangs laundry out to dry; when I was growing up, my mother always did.

The red and orange against the blue is eye-catching.