Monday, December 27, 2010

1Peter 2:5

We, the living stones,
set here to dance
before the world,
articulate a tale of love and life,
of rebirth and acceptance,
of oneness with the earth;
with sea, and sky.
But remember this:
we are simply stones.
We did not construct ourselves
or choose the pattern of the dance;
the shape our lives have taken
is a gift of grace.
We are not responsible
for anything but being:
we needn't stop breathing
to hold the pose --
it will be held for us;
it's in our nature and design.
So breathe, and do not fear --
you'll not be tipping over; not just yet.


Maureen said...

Stones speak!

Karla said...

"the shape our lives have taken
is a gift of grace." So true...yet sometimes, when things are difficult, it is hard to remember that this shape is a gift! The wonderful thing is being able to see the gift in the midst of every day living. Thank you for sharing.