Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poppycock, Fiddlesticks and Balderdash

It's a lot of responsibility, you know --
this being old, and wise --
there are just too many hats to wear
and too many roles to play.
All I really wanted was to greet you, and observe;
to just sit and smoke my pipe,
I'm still supposed to remind you
to be safe, and use protection;
I'm still supposed to celebrate
your birthdays,
though I long to ignore my own,
and I still have to engage, and watch,
when all I really want to do
is pull up a comfy chair,
turn my back on all this excitement,
and quietly sit and ruminate.
Today, I'm one with Ebenezer Scrooge:
Bah, Humbug! I want to say
to all your tweets and twitters --
Poppycock, Fiddlesticks and Balderdash!

* * *