Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple pleasures

So simple,
it was then;
to hop aboard;
to ride a plastic horse
and dream
of sailing across the prairies:
a happy suspension of disbelief,
a lift,
a quarter or two,
and we were off
to visit other lands
and other worlds;
to gallop across a feathered universe
of sky and sea, mountain and valley,
breathing unimagined air
and with each breath, a prayer
of joy, and hope, and wonder
until the music stops
and fantasy returns to a standstill.
Quiet descends -- and then the wails begin.
More, mama, more! More illusions, please!

* * *


Anonymous said...

loved those rides too.

Maureen said...

Carousel dreams and carnival nightmares . . . I don't mind the first but refuse to ride The Rides with anyone. said...

OMG, me, too! Anything other than the carousel was just TOO SCARY.