Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yellow will be the dominant emotion

In the cool and damp
of a northwest spring;
between the snowstorms
and the rain,
You sow a daffodil,
bright promise
of the light to come,
of days when yellow is the dominant emotion
-- bright early sunrises,
yellow sands and yellow buckets,
sunflowers rising
and daisies blowing in the breeze,
goldfinches dancing in the garden --
keep climbing, love,
each step,
each carved stone step,
will bring you closer to the light.
And just beyond the top,
a field of daffodils, fluttering impatiently
await the lifting of the fog
to spill their bountiful cups of color.

* * *


Maureen said...

This must be an incredible setting to see in person.

Daffodils. . . cups of color, cups of promise. Good for all that's good in your life just now.

Cheryl said...

I remember thinking one morning after a run of honeysuckle, buttercups and goldfinches rising from the grass, "yellow must be God's favorite color." I am deeply moved by your is lyrical in form and word. Wistfully wish we could share a moment or two over coffee....