Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I am the vase

I am the vase
from which all things will grow,
the rusted,
that holds it in
does not reveal
the lively loam
that lies beneath,
and foaming with new life.

Hold me against your breast
O Holy One,
embrace and fuel
my creativity;
let me feel
your tender care --
together we will bring
bright flowers of love and hope
into being.

* * *


KimQuiltz said...

This image is so very sexual it makes me a bit uncomfortable...but in a good way. The discomfort made me read through the words a few times, slowly, absorbing the effect and analyzing my discomfort. Hmmm!

Maureen said...

Agree with Kim about sexual aspect. Lots of ways to look it. The words definitely help keep it (or is our minds) grounded.