Saturday, December 19, 2009

No longer night and day

"In Him there is no darkness at all:
the night and the day are both alike."
And when I am "in Him"
-- which is to say, in You, in Now --
I, too, am Open;
I, too, shall see, Face to Face,
the glory that is all, that is One;
the miracle that someone built a building
-- however ragged it might be now --
the miracle of a cup of coffee on a cold dark day
-- however bitter the particular blend --
the miracle of Your Divine Presence in my life
-- however often it remains undetected,
however rarely I am able to set aside my judging,
however clearly I can or cannot see
the beauty and goodness that are an integral part
of each moment and element of your creation.
Now I may see dimly,
but when the difference between good and bad
is no longer night and day
I shall see

* * *

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