Thursday, November 5, 2009

In the gray between

Much as I like to think of myself
as a mini-Galileo --
looking to the heavens,
finding inspiration in the stars --
there are definitely days
when the real me
seems to have much more in common
with the evil machinations
of this prince, Macchiavelli,
and, far from wondering
what the world might be, and become,
I find myself trying to control what is
and fend off what will be.
Instead of "Hmm, what if...?"
it's "Hmm. What if..."
in a far more speculative tone.
Fortunately I mostly live
in that gray and unformed space between the two...

* * *

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Yes, fortunately. It's in the gray in-between space that all that possibility exists. So much better than just black and white.