Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Observer Effect

While driving
on a quiet country road,
in a state unlike my own,
unbounded by ocean waters,
I paused,
arrested by the reflection of the moon,
and stopping the car, I crossed the road
and stood beside a fence,
my camera poised,
vaguely noting
what might have been a great blue heron,
hunkered down on a log below,
and thinking I was just imposing
images from home upon the scene
until the click of shutter
alerted him to my presence,
disturbing his peace even as I captured mine,
and as he flew away,
I silently apologized.
Must what feeds me come always
at the expense of another?

* * *

1 comment:

I AM ROSE said...

This is truly a beautiful photo and I really wanted to express that.
The saying "As Above...So Below" perhaps is reflected in this magnificent photo that you captured.
Thanks with love for sharing here.