Monday, August 24, 2009

Off with their heads!

There must be some significance
to the headlessness of these models.
Could it be a statement --
that beauty is more important than brains;
that only people without brains would wear these dresses
(or look good in them);
that who these faceless women are
is less important than how they dress?

Or is it just that faces,
however mass produced and identical,
would distract the viewer from these all-important clothes;
that faces might somehow carry
a promise of personality
that might get in the way of appreciation?

Or, given that they are white,
could it just be that any color would distract
but a featureless face might suggest
that only a ghost would wear these outfits...
Best to leave off their heads altogether?

Or could it be that some window designer,
having grown up on Alice in Wonderland,
just delighted in the power of shouting,
in the spirit of the Queen of Hearts,
"Off with their heads!"

• • •

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