Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Failed Prophet's Lament

I did not take the road less traveled,
and I'm not sure what difference it made.
Some ages back in time
I left the narrow way and took the wide,
and sometimes now I think of that and sigh.

I've thought of going back,
yet seeing where those simple choices led,
were I to choose again, I'd have to say
the differences in many ways were slim,
the end result quite possibly the same

though at the time it seemed
I had the chance to save the world, and lost;
to tread the lonelier path and work for good
was just too hard: I chose instead
to take the other, and found it just as fair.

Now bent with age, I look back in the wood
and see how far I've come, and what is left
of the road I didn't take, and how alone
I might have been. And though I'm sad I could not travel both
I see those two roads merging into one.

* * *

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post and thank you for the poem. They spoke so clearly.